art commissioned from ponpekopon
alca's design and such all belong to me

Alca is a Zora OC from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

🐟 He's a trader-traveler whose only real passion is food! He will trade people cooked meals for raw ingredients he likes better (pls give him gourmet meat and hearty salmon).
🐟 His cooking is really good! Because of his limitations as a Zora, he's never been to Death Mountain or Gerudo Town, but he can cook in Goron and Gerudo styles too from what he's learned from other travelers.
🐟 He is originally from Zora's Domain, but, being scatterbrained, he's been away from the place for so long that he's completely forgotten that it exists.
🐟 Because of his girlish mannerisms and appearance, he might be mistaken for a female Zora if your character isn't particularly familiar with what female Zora are like...
🐟 In general, he has an excitable but easy-going personality. Very cheerful, very naive, a little bit stupid (in classic Zelda NPC fashion), and easily flustered.
🐟 His name was originally Alcaeus, but he doesn't even introduce himself that way....
🐟 He's not very good at defending himself but will get needlessly proud over fending off a couple of Chuchus. He's deathly afraid of being eaten by Bokoblins and Moblins. Lizalfos are fine since he knows he can outswim them.
🐟 His belt is made of Lizalfos skin and his clothes are all waterproof material!